My name is Larry Topping, Founder/Coordinator of the INK MAYHEM TATTOO CONVENTION. I thought you might be interested in this event. This is going to be a big weekend for tattooing in Las Vegas. We are getting the word out in force. We would like you to consider attending and sponsoring the events. Below is some info on the tattoo convention and the after party.
INK MAYHEM TATTOO CONVENTION is a premier favorite tattoo event with both artists and visitors. Ink Mayhem has been successfully happening in conjunction with the Laughlin River Run for 11 years. Joining forces with our friends, Tattoo Allstars, and Las Vegas Bike Fest, during Las Vegas Bike Week.
We are special as a show because we are a tattoo family. We have an 85 to 90% return rate on artists. The ‘Ink Mayhem” event is about respect, the respect we should give each other and the respect we show for our clients, the respect that’s earned every day in our field.
Thursday we will have an artist’s battle royal the first day of the show in our MAYHEM FUSION CONTEST where teams go heads up for the chance to be awarded with the title MAYHEM FUSION WINNER. Daily prizes awarded for the daily TATTOO TRIVIA winner. There are many daily tattoo contests, including a best of day color and black and gray in separate categories each day as well as best of show color and black and gray in separate categories on Sunday.
This is a 4 day show with 100 award winning tattoo artists, including celebrity artist’s Rick Walters and Catfish Carl. We will be showing our respect and appreciation this weekend for Rick Walters, Catfish Carl and Clark North, and all that they have given to the tattoo industry and how much they have given to us the new blood of the industry.
This show runs in conjunction with Las Vegas Bike Fest and is certainly going to be busy, taking place on Fremont St. at the Golden Nugget, in the grand ballroom down town Las Vegas. October 11th thru October 14th. The show is being promoted/advertised by both Dermal Knowledge Productions and Las Vegas Bike Fest.

There will also be an after party “AFTER MAYHEM” hosted by TATTOO ALLSTARS which is a Co-promoted by both Tattoo Allstars and Dermal Knowledge Productions, focusing our energy to create an extremely effective and efficient advertising campaign to inform the Eager public of the massive tattoo weekend we have in store.
The after party will be located at Backstage Bar and Billiards on Fremont St. close to the convention venue, Friday October 12th. In the after party we will be conducting an awards ceremony called “Inked Icons”. And each year following this year’s event we will be honoring a new icon in the tattoo industry. This year we will be honoring tattoo icons, “Rick Walters”, for his influence on the tattoo trade and his life long commitment to this industry, also tattoo artist and machine building legend “Catfish Carl” for his great contribution to the development of precision tools of the trade and his lifelong commitment to the tattoo industry. Also being honored is tattooing great Clark North, one of the first artists on a televised tattoo series. Honored for his fantastic artistic ability, dedication to large coverage Japanese stylings, and commitment to the tattoo industry and his unwavering respect for the art and his peers, and everything else the three have seen and done in their careers.
  “AFTER MAYHEM” will be promoted by Dermalknowledgeproductions with the INK MAYHEM TATTOO CONVENTION, which already has a very strong marketing/advertisement campaign. Including cross promotion between ink mayhem and the Las Vegas Bike Fest, web ads, paper ads magazines, our cooperative artist network and Radio including a  live remote with Dennis Huff from KOMP. The idea is to get as much tattoo related things happening at this after party as possible. Dirk Vermin tattoo artist and musician celebrity from Las Vegas’s own “The Vermin”, has agreed to Mc the party, we will be doing raffles, and giveaways. And auctioning off some signed goodies. The party will be from 9pm to 2am possibly longer. Entry to AFTER MAYHEM will be free for any patron that has a tattoo. There will be a few celebrities gracing both the INK MAYHEM TATTOO CONVENTION and the AFTER MAYHEM TATTOO PARTY we will be able to provide the ability to have sponsors goods and/or services on display or provide vendor space at the ink mayhem tattoo convention and/or the AFTER MAYHEM EVENT.

We are open minded, objective, motivated and willing to listen to anything a potential sponsor thinks would benefit their business, feel free to inquire, we would be happy to accommodate.
If you are interested in attending/sponsoring the event please contact me. I have many opportunities that could be of great benefit to your business. We appreciate you.

Larry Topping
808 699 0060